Beginner’s Guide On Using A Rifle Scope

Rifle -Scope

Know Your Rifle Scope!

Hunting and shooting are some exciting hobbies for people with a sharp focus and love for adventure! If you are a person with hunting love in your blood and loves going hunting on vacations with your friends, then you must have an idea about a rifle scope and also definitely know how to use a rifle scope.In order to know more on the usage and benefits of a rifle scope, you should read a Review article on the internet from an authentic rifle scope selling website. To focus your bullet on the spot you wish to hit, you need to have a clear and sharp vision.Rifle scope helps you attain the above for a better shooting experience.

Steps In Using A Rifle Scope

Rifle scopes are mainly preferred for shooting long range by professional hunters. Here are the steps you need to follow for using your scope perfectly and precisely :-

● Set Up Your Scope

The first step in using a rifle scope is setting it up properly. There are two components that need to be adjusted.These are the reticle and the eye relief. There are various knobs for adjusting the scope like the windage knob for adjusting the reticle position on either side, elevation knob for balancing the reticle up and down and a parallax knob for zooming in and out.

Reticle is the aiming component which is made up of cross hairs and which should be placed within the scope with perfect alignment in the centre.This can be done by adjusting the mounting rings.
The eye relief is used for looking through the scope from a distance.In some rifle scopes, you will need to adjust the mounting rings as a whole for adjusting the scope but in others it is as simple as turning the adjustment at the end.
The final process in setting up the scope is to tighten the rings firmly in its place.

● Precise Vision On The Target

After adjustments, check whether your target vision is quite clear and symmetrically focussed on.Check your eyepiece position and whether the eye relief is within a range of 3 to 6 inches.

● Basic Testing Of Sighting

Look through the scope for aiming and take your initial shot for testing your aim after focussing the reticle on the target. According to where the bullet hits, you need to adjust the reticle upwards or downwards until the reticle is at the exact position of the target. Also the side to side adjustments can be done using the windage knob.

● Make Your Shot

Zero in on your target by making necessary adjustments like magnifying your target using the eye relief. Calibrate your shots and try to be constant in your shots.The elevation and windage knobs need to be adjusted as per your requirements on zeroing in on the target.Fire three bullets in a row and verify the results.

You need to take care of your rifle by covering the lenses with a cap for saving it from dust particles. The lens should be wiped cleaned with a cleaning cloth to prevent scratches. Using a rifle scope will improve the accuracy of your shots and vision on your target, making your hunting adventure productive along with being fun and exciting.

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